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Cardas cables are distinguished by their exceptional build quality, featuring High-Purity Copper exclusively manufactured by Cardas. This commitment to quality is further reinforced by a lifetime warranty, ensuring that every cable meets the highest standards of durability and performance. The company’s dedication to producing all of its conductors and connectors in-house underscores its commitment to excellence in audio cable manufacturing.

Innovation in design is another hallmark of Cardas cables. George Cardas, the founder, was awarded a patent for the Golden Section Stranding Audio Cable. This groundbreaking design is based on the Golden Ratio, an infinitely indivisible progression that plays a crucial role in controlling resonance. This unique approach is central to the acoustic excellence found in all Cardas products, setting them apart in the world of high-end audio cabling.

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Clear Digital (SPDIF) Cable

Cardas Audio

We carry the full line of products from Cardas Audio. Please check with us if you don’t see a particular model you’re looking for since we’re regularly updating our products.


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