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The design of Klipsch speakers, both now and in the future, is deeply influenced by Paul W. Klipsch’s four essential principles for exceptional sound quality. At the core of these principles is high efficiency, primarily achieved through the incorporation of horn-loaded technology. This technology is pivotal in ensuring that sound is transmitted precisely and dynamically across various speaker types, with the exception of headphones and subwoofers. This approach results in speakers that provide an immersive and vibrant audio experience.

In addition to high efficiency, Klipsch speakers are renowned for their low distortion, a hallmark of Klipsch’s horn technology. This feature allows for the accurate reproduction of the softest sounds with unparalleled clarity, while also ensuring that the loudest sounds are free from harshness or distortion. The controlled directivity of these speakers further refines the listening experience by meticulously directing sound, which creates a more authentic and lifelike soundstage. Rounding out these principles is the commitment to a flat frequency response, ensuring that the audio output is true to the artist’s original intention, without any unnatural enhancement or suppression of highs, mids, or lows.

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Jubilee Floorstanding Speaker

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