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Koetsu stands alone in the realm of high-end audio, renowned for its handcrafted MC cartridges. Originating from Japan, these cartridges are distinguished by their use of high-purity metals, which contribute to their exceptional performance. The company, founded by Yoshiaki Sugano, honors the legacy of the 17th-century Japanese artist Honami Koetsu, from whom it takes its name. Koetsu is synonymous with tradition, clarity, and perfection, setting a high standard in audio excellence.

The allure of a Koetsu cartridge lies not just in its technical prowess, but also in its aesthetic appeal. Crafted with the finest materials, these cartridges boast bodies made of the highest-grade stone and wood, elevating them beyond mere audio components to works of art. In the world of musical instruments, a Koetsu cartridge is comparable to a Stradivarius violin – both epitomizing the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality. Koetsu has thus achieved a mythical status among audiophiles, recognized as one of the finest creators of musical instruments.

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Urushi Sky Blue Cartridge

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