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Supra, a renowned brand under Jenving Technology, has its roots in Sweden where it was established over four decades ago. The founder, Tommy Jenving, was a former Ericsson engineer who embarked on this venture with a vision and expertise in the field. This brand has since evolved to become a significant name in the cable manufacturing industry.

Jenving’s ingenuity has led to the creation of a wide array of innovative products under the Supra brand. These products have found a global market, catering to diverse sectors including domestic, marine, automotive, industrial, medical, and military applications. The versatility of Supra products is evident in their use in various settings beyond typical household environments. They are integral in operations ranging from hospitals and theme parks to trucks and airplanes, showcasing their adaptability and reliability in different contexts.

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DAC-SL Hifi Audio Cable

We carry the full line of products from Supra Cables. Please check with us if you don’t see a particular model you’re looking for since we’re regularly updating our products.


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