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Peter Qvortrup believes that most technological ‘advances’ in audio for the past couple of decades have served to put more between us and the essence of music. By working with established designs significantly predating current high end equipment, his company has designed single-ended tube electronics; filterless and non-oversampling dacs; turntables with several motors and lightweight platters; and broad-fronted, two-way speakers designed to sit in corners, all of which together can seem to take us closer to the essence of music. Qvortrup’s eloquent and complete line of audio equipment makes his fans feel that the competition is missing the real beauty of music.

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AN-E-LX-HE Signature Hemp

AN-J-SPe Hemp​


AN-S2 (MC cartridge) step up transformer

AN-S3 (MC cartridge) step up transformer

AN-S4 (MC cartridge) step up transformer

AN-S8 (MC cartridge) step up transformer

AZ-Two Hemp

We carry the full line of products from Audio Note. Please check with us if you don’t see a particular model you’re looking for since we’re regularly updating our products.

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